If you’re planning to move, you might be weighing the pros and cons of moving yourself versus hiring a moving company. While cost is one consideration, your decision will likely depend on a number of factors, including how far you’re moving, how flexible you can be with your schedule, and how much of the moving you’re comfortable doing on your own.

For a simple cross-town move, inviting a few friends to help load and unload a rental truck could be a less pricey and more convenient alternative to hiring a moving company. Moving an entire two-story household over a long distance might go more smoothly with a team of professionals experienced in properly loading a truck and in navigating tight staircases with heavy furniture.

Moving Yourself

  • What will it cost? While it can be a less expensive option than hiring professionals, consider all of the costs before you decide to move yourself. For example, if you need to rent a truck, what size will you need to fit everything you own? How much is insurance for the truck and your belongings? What will fuel costs be for the move?
  • How long will it take? Moving yourself provides some flexibility – no moving company is showing up at a certain time expecting all of the boxes to be labeled and ready to go. But it can also take longer, especially if you are unfamiliar with packing boxes and loading a truck or if your plan involves making several trips for a local move. Consider the value of your time and whether you will have enough time to complete the move on your own.
  • Who will help? Do you have friends nearby who are ready to help? Factor in planning for meals for them during the move and perhaps a thank you gift afterwards to show your appreciation for their time.

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